T-Contracts was established by the Office of the Government Chief Information Officer (OGCIO) in the HKSAR to support the development and maintenance of IT initiatives in various departments. By means of the T-Contracts, bureaux and departments can obtain IT staff services from a list of contractors within a short period of time.


The current T25 contract, which Seamatch was a participant,  is for a term of 48 months which started on 1 February 2019. In fact, Seamatch has been a participant since T23.


HKSAR is committed to developing Hong Kong into a world-class smart city and published the Smart City Blueprint for Hong Kong (“the Blueprint”) in December 2017 to promote digital transformation and bring greater convenience and comfort to our daily lives. HKSAR is also keen to adopt emerging technologies, including artificial intelligence (“AI”), big data, blockchain, Internet of Things (“IoT”), to improve the public services.


There were over 3,000 T-contractors working in various departments as at early 2018. They all play a vital role in helping HKSAR to achieve the goal of being a world-class smart city.

Seamatch has been very keen to support the T-contracts and is providing the following benefits to our T-contractors:

-        Competitive salary

-        Medical scheme

-        Birthday leave

-        Annual Dinner

-        Subsidy on training, certification, books etc

-        Provide stable career guidance to ensure T-contractors stay longer in OGCIO

and advance his career path at the same time

Dec 14, 2019 Joint event with BGCA

To fulfil our corporate social responsibility to try to contribute to the community, and to promote team spirit and care to our employee/contractors, we held the following event with BGCA (The Boys' and Girls' Clubs Association of Hong Kong Jockey Club). Seamatch has been partnering with BGCA over the past 10 years and BGCA is also the supporting organization behind our “Caring Company” award.


Date:                           Dec 14, Sat, 3.30pm

Venue:                         BGCA’s office in Sheung Wan

Topics:                        basic knowledge of hardware and software, programming language

Speaker:                     Mr. Lego Chan, (Seamatch’s contractor working in HKSAR OGCIO)

Target audience:          Age 10 – 15


It was a joint event with BGCA, Seamatch and our contractor. The objective is to provide an opportunity for our contractors to have a connection to the community in terms of sharing his IT knowledge to the target children. It will also generate positive energy for both the contractors and the BGCA members.


Though it was a small scale event, we believe that every little bit can add up and help the community. Corporate Social Responsibility is a practice we built into our business model. Going forward, we hope to conduct more meaningful activities between our contractors and various NGOs.



Mar 1, 2019 Annual Spring Dinner


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